With its Green Mission, Green Finance focuses on sustainability in its core areas of property, renewable energy and financial investments.

In an international comparison, Austrian forests clearly stand out from the forests of other countries:

/ Forests have a dual function in this country: they serve, on the one hand, as recreational areas and, on the other, as suppliers of raw materials. In this country,
forests are open to the public and thus serve as a source of local recreation.

/ Significant benefit from management: people not only prefer to walk in well-kept forests, but also use them as a valuable resource that is right on their doorstep.

/ Wood is used as a raw material, building material and valuable fuel.

Responsibilty & Sustainability

With its Green Mission, Green Finance focuses on sustainability in its core areas of property, renewable energy and financial investments.
The Green Finance Group has set itself the mission of putting sustainability at the heart of what it does, which is why the Global Goals are integrated into relevant strategies and programmes and, if necessary, action plans and measures are elaborated. The thematic focus is based on the Responsibility & Sustainability Report.
Green Finance now owns and manages more than 20 hectares of forest in Austria, and the trend is rising. The company is keen to promote mixed forests in particular and thinks very long-term in this respect.
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Company-owned land in Upper Austria
is reserved for the planting of
10,000 trees.
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  • satisfaction and benefits come first
  • High quality standards for capital products
  • High tenant satisfaction in real estate projects
  • Reliable and timely handling of all services
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  • Renewable energy generation as
    a focus for products, office locations and real estate projects
  • A focus on environmental standards when producing printed products
  • Avoidance of soil sealing in real estate projects
  • Cooperation with nature conservation, monument
    and animal protection in the realisation of our real estate projects
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  • Shareholders are obligated to act responsibly towards the company
  • Employees are included and motivated and receive a participating interest through our share programme
  • High equity ratio for long-term, crisis-proof corporate stability
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Green Finance also focuses on sustainability when it comes to mobility in everyday working life. In 2023, we already have 72% with electric or hybrid drive. The goal is to increase this to 75% by 2024. To achieve this, we are gradually replacing combustion engines with hybrid or electric vehicles.

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Social outreach and commitment to society

/ Supporting children’s cancer relief through fundraising at company events

/ Strong commitment and support from the company for charitable projects of its business partners

/ Individual sponsorships for business partners for sports and exercise programmes for children

St. Isidore Project

The Green Finance Group donated EUR 5,000
to St. Isidor in the course of a painting project for the new Green Business Center Linz and will receive 26 paintings in return. The money will be used to support the children
within the framework of Villa Kunterbunt.

Background: At St. Isidor, children are supported in curative education and fully supervised residential groups. The lives of the children and adolescents do not only take place at school and in the residential groups. The children like to spend time in the "Villa Kunterbunt" in Isidor, a pedagogical leisure activity offered by their department.

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Support for the WEGA

As part of a sensible use of our vacant office building at Leberstrasse 122 in Vienna's 11th district, we made it available to the WEGA task force. The WEGA used our building for shooting, tactics, hostage rescue and anti-terrorism exercises. The WEGA is a special unit of the Austrian police in the federal capital Vienna. The WEGA is primarily requested for operations with an increased degree of danger. Even though the WEGA has been reformed many times over the years, it is the oldest special police unit
in Austria.

As a thank you for the opportunity to train with us in the empty building, the WEGA organised a demonstration on site where the visitors could convince themselves of the professionalism of the WEGA. This demonstration was an experience for all of us that will remain in our memories for a long time.

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Project Lichtblickhof

There is hardly a worse thought than that of a terminally ill child. This makes it all the more important to use the remaining time wisely. The Lichtblickhof is a place of life for children with serious and life-shortening illnesses. The team of the Lichtblickhof and the specially trained therapy horses
and animals accompany families with the most severe fates. Regardless of diagnoses and prognoses, it is possible here to gather moments of joy and strength for the tasks still to be accomplished. The Green Finance Group is financially committed to the Lichtblickhof and always hands over a considerable amount of money for this wonderful institution in December.

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Children's Cancer Aid

On the occasion of the 40th birthday of our CEO Dipl. Ing. (FH) Christian Schauer, the guests were asked to donate to the Upper Austrian Children's Cancer Aid instead of gifts. The result was the impressive sum of 4,845 euros. The 40th celebration was held in a small but nice setting, under the motto of the 80s. Christiane Mundl, Deputy Chairwoman of the Upper Austrian Children's Cancer Aid, also gave a speech and accepted the cheque on the spot.

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Revitalisation of existing properties and restoration of usability for the regions.

Real estate project

In the municipality of Weng im Innkreis, there was an old building to be demolished in the middle of the town Here, a long, vacant mixed area (an old farm with commercial space) is being completely revived. The building has already been demolished and professionally recycled and is being converted into modern and affordable living spaces.

Special focus is placed on recycling the old building: usable parts are sold, waste wood is turned into wood chips, the bricks are shredded and used for industrial construction, and the broken concrete is used for the construction of the new building.

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Green Business
Center Linz

In 2020, the planning of the Green Business Center Linz (GBC Linz for short) was started. While commercial properties still relied on gas as a raw material for cost reasons, the Green Finance Group opted for sustainable heating in the form of an air-source heat pump on the roof.

This makes the company one of the pioneers in the region and proud to have implemented one of the first commercial buildings in this form. It succeeded in finding an efficient solution for heating and air conditioning by using a heat pump: in summer, the air heat pump is reversed and cools in a resource-saving way.

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Real estate project

In 2019, construction began for the already leased property in Mauerkirchen in the state of Upper Austria. An old, vacant former furniture store was turned into a family and environmentally friendly rental property with 38 bright family apartments with a low energy standard.

During the implementation, special focus was placed on maximum and sensible usability of the space. Among other things, a communal garden with a children's playground was created on the roof terrace, which is available to all tenants.

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Green Business
Center Wien

The Green Business Center Wien (GBC Wien for short) is one of the
showcase projects when it comes to sustainable real estate.
Construction will be completed in about 2027. Particular attention is paid to sustainability and resource conservation in the course of realisation.

Natural building materials such as wooden floors will be installed in the office areas. Geothermal energy in the form of deep probes will be used for heating and cooling the building. Photovoltaic modules are also planned. Great attention is also being paid to minimising energy consumption: The goal is an optimised building envelope.

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